Sustainability is Not Just A Buzzword

Sustainability is Not Just A Buzzword

When you hear the word sustainability, you probably think about energy efficient homes, LEEDS standards, solar panels and green building. But true sustainability is more than that. It’s about creating a neighborhood that will stand the test of time.

A commitment to thoughtful design to complement the lifestyles and preferences of our clients, it means paying close attention to the impact of our designs on the environment. And recognizing the importance of providing lasting value.

We’ve brought together the best ideas of the past—and for the future—for you. You’ll find a beautifully balanced blend of architectural styles to fit every lifestyle and life stage. We’ve planted an abundance of trees that will provide shaded canopies for long, breezy walks with your children and their children. Even the streets have been carefully designed to create “calm traffic.” These kinds of decisions will sustain this neighborhood for generations to come. Because you deserve nothing less.


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  • At The Canals at Grand Park, we believe in sustainable, multi-lifestyle living. That’s why you’ll find Urban Living, Townhomes, Villa Homes, Manor Homes and Estate Homes—even Senior Living—in a wide variety of architectural styles. Whether you’re building a family, a career or embracing an active retirement, you’ll feel right at home in our community.

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