Texas school district passes resolution against standardized testing

May 12, 2015

FRISCO, Tex. — The school board of the Frisco Independent School District, near Dallas, passed a resolution Tuesday asking the Texas Legislature to rethink standardized testing.

FISD delved into the battle when the school board agreed to change the standardized testing system in February of 2012.

Now, the board of trustees for FISD is arguing that standardized testing “hinders the school district’s ability to provide innovative education to prepare students for the workforce.”

Parents allegedly have a large part in the school board’s decision.

“They’re really, really concerned with it, and they want to know what we’re going to do as a school board,” board member John Hoxie said. “We’ll make sure that the state understands that we’re not in favor of high-stakes, standardized testing.”

The Legislature has less than a month left in its regular session but could be called into a special session to pass certain bills.

Article: http://kfor.com/2015/05/12/texas-school-district-passes-resolution-against-standardized-testing/