We've Got It All Mapped Out

Disclaimer: The interest in The Canals at Grand Park has been so great that the community is constantly being updated and revised. No warranty or representation of intended use, design, or proposed improvements are made herein. All plans for land or facilities are subject to change without notice. Nothing presented herein shall obligate the developer, or any other entity, public or private, to construct facilities or develop land as shown.

  • Amenities Map

    Frisco is filled with parks, recreation and even public art. You’ll have fun checking them all out.

  • Master Plan

    We’ve thought of everything at The Canals at Grand Park. Here’s the big picture!

  • Discover Your New Home

    At The Canals at Grand Park, we believe in sustainable, multi-lifestyle living. That’s why you’ll find Urban Living, Townhomes, Villa Homes, Manor Homes and Estate Homes—even Senior Living—in a wide variety of architectural styles. Whether you’re building a family, a career or embracing an active retirement, you’ll feel right at home in our community.

  • Get Answers to Your Questions

    Want to learn more about The Canals at Grand Park? We’re here to help. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.