Open Spaces that Feel Like Secret Gardens

Connect. Interact. Reflect. Enjoy. 

We believe that the community around you should make you feel as content and comfortable as your home does. That’s why we’ve integrated intimate parks and lush green spaces throughout the neighborhood. Stroll along the canals, walk barefoot in  the grass and take in the beauty around you.

Open Spaces that Feel Like Secret Gardens

Residential developers traditionally put one big park in a neighborhood and call it a day. But Arcadia believes that everyone deserves easy access to beautiful green spaces. That’s why you’ll find an abundance of intimate parks throughout The Canals at Grand Park. You’ll find pedestrian walkways for leisurely strolls and connecting with neighbors. We’ve added outdoor furnishings that make it easy to enjoy the beauty around you. It’s also the only neighborhood in Frisco with designated bike lanes. You’ll find an abundance of room to play with your kids, walk your dog, spread out for a picnic or soak up the sun.

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